Rabbi Teitelbau - Zionisten vermoorden Joden

door Holocaustles Laatste wijziging: 04-03-2023 17:03
Het feit dat Joden ermee bekend zijn dat de Zionisten met hun inspanningen de Holocaust hebben bewerkstelligd blijkt ook uit de standpunten en beweringen van Rabbi Teitelbaum die er geen misverstand over laat bestaan dat zes miljoen Joden werden vermoord vanwege de Zionistische groeperingen, die de harten van de naties naar hun zaak trokken en de Drie Eden schonden.

"No one takes note of the fact that six million Jews were killed because of these [Zionist] groups, who drew the hearts of the nation [to their cause] and violated the oath of hastening the end by claiming sovereignty and freedom before the time.  For aside from this being the bitter punishment set forth in the Gemara for [violating the oaths] – "I shall abandon your flesh…" - and by oath they and the whole world are punished, and no punishment comes to the world except on account of the wicked, nor does it begin except with the righteous.  But they also performed terrible actions to bring this about; for aside from the fact that even at the very beginning of their establishment for many years they "informed" terribly on the Jews to the nations, and spoke of them badly to the authorities, as though [the Jews] were highly dangerous to the nations and they had to be expelled from their countries, [which the Zionists did] thinking that it would thereby be easier for them to carry out their scheme to come to the land of Israel and to organize a government there.  We saw already then, in their letters, that great rabbis were greatly, deathly fearful that [the Zionists'] informing would bring about that which, for our many sins, did come to be afterwards. 

Aside from this, there are verified reports of several cruel actions that they performed that indirectly brought about the entire terrible catastrophe.  Concerning Hungary some of these activities came to light in the court case that was held in Eretz Yisrael in this regard [i.e. the Kastner trial], and thus there were several clear actions throughout that period, because they thought that they would thereby achieve more of their aim of obtaining government.  

But I do not wish to elaborate on this here, for my intention in this booklet is only to clarify Halakha, and I write this only in order to show that it is clear that the impure idea of establishing a State prior to the proper time has caused us all of tribulations and troubles that have come upon us, aside from the tens of thousands of Jews who have been killed needlessly in [the Zionists'] wars.

Furthermore, among those who have moved to Eretz Yisrael in these times, most of the immigrants from Arab countries were living peacefully and tranquilly in their countries, lacking nothing, until the establishment of the heretical kingdom in Israel.  Through the establishment of that State they began to suffer hatred and persecution in their countries, and the Zionists themselves aided this through their wiles, so as to increase the persecution until they would be forced to emigrate to Eretz Yisrael, destitute and with nothing, and they glorified their saviors, but the truth was the opposite – that [the Zionists] had brought about all of the destruction in the first place. (Va-Yo'el Moshe 123)"

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